Benchmark Consultation

We boast to possess decades of international level of experience, expertise and exposure to inspire, guide and impact your decisions, primarily in the field of education. Our consultation wing specializes in the below mentioned areas, but is not limited to…

  • Setting up a school with necessary board approvals
  • Quality assurance and management plans
  • Staff professional development programs
  • Framework of School Inspection
  • Guidance for filling in School Self Evaluation Form
  • Solutions for School Development Program
  • Solutions for Timetabling, Scheduling and events management
  • Curriculum development through cross curricula approach
  • Horizontal and Vertical curriculum development
  • Assessment & Evaluation System per tier level
  • Teachers, Middle leaders and Heads Training programs
  • Complete support and guidance in HR solutions
  • STEM, STEAM, STREAM, PBL, Activity Based, 21st Century Learning and more…

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