About Us

Our Mission

To provide expert consultation, solutions and services that satsifyingly exceed expectations.

Our Vision

To benchmark new standards through redefined excellence that inspires, guides and impacts generations.

Our Values


We offer a host of services and provide endless solutions. We specialize in – but are not limited to:

  •  Tutoring: Any Subject or grade level, Languages, Entrance exams, CS/IT Skills, Soft skills etc.
  •  Training: Professional development, Workshops, Teacher Training and Skills development.
  •  Schooling: Unique 4/8 month teaching of 2/4 subjects for IGCSE/O/A-Level students with A/A*
  •  Testing: Benchmark levelled Testing based on National Curriculum for grade 5 & 8
  •  Consultation: School projects, School & Teacher evaluation, Quality assurance, Marketing etc.
  •  Recruitment: Employers can post their jobs and candidates can fill in their particulars for jobs
  •  Resources: Teaching tools – charts, games and posters are available to enhance learning.
  •  Internships: Paid and Unpaid Certified Internships are available for building up your CV.
  •  Notes: CAIE notes of reputed teachers are available for topical preparation for CAIE Exams.
  •  Counselling: Career Counselling for admission process in foreign universities is provided.
  •  Competitions: National and International level of F2F / online competitions are conducted.
  •  R & D: Research and Development is done on latest Teaching and Learning trends.
  •  Excursions: Domestic and Foreign tours are on offer at affordable and attractive prices.
  •  Music: Teaching of Music, Instruments and Notation is done by qualified professionals.

Our platform offers the following features

Client Contentment

Our prime goal is to cater to the needs of our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

Programs & Services

A host of pre designed and tailor- made programs and services allure one & all

Easy access

Our user friendly interface helps in navigating & accessing our solutions and services easily.

A Click Away

We are a click away to respond to the queries, fulfil your ambitions & uplift your scores.


Laiba Atta

I was stuck with how to go about my exam preparation for O’levels. I consulted The Benchmarkers for expert advice and to provide me with specialized teachers. I aced my CAIE exams with flying colours. Kudos to The Benchmarkers. They are really trustworthy!


No one can give expert consultation on teacher professional development better than The Benchmarkers. I strongly recommend the schools to reach them out and benefit for best possible ADEK inspection consultation and band